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【学术报告】Liquid Crystal Networks: from flat screen televisions optics to a future in soft robotic dynamics and adaptive coatings

报告人Dirk J. Broer and Danqing Liu

                    Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

                    South China Normal University, DIRM, Guangzhou, China

主持人:杨槐 教授






Abstract: Since their development in the 80’s of last century, reactive mesogens (RM’s) form a versatile class of soft materials. The frozen-in molecular order of the polymers formed upon polymerization led to a wealth of new applications. Initially developed for use as low shrinkage, low thermal stress coatings, RM’s demonstrated their function especially in optics especially for displays. More recently it was found that triggered by heat, light or electricity the polymers change shape, surface structure or porosity. At Eindhoven University, we developed self-sustaining oscillators, cilia based micro-transport devices and haptic surfaces. A new development relates to coatings that switch their surfaces from flat to corrugated with a preset topography, enabling control over friction, grip, soil rejection and particle manipulation. The lecture will discuss the history and newest developments in responsive liquid crystal polymers, giving a preliminary view on the future of RM’s with advanced applications in the field of soft robotics. 



Dirk Jan Broer教授,世界著名高分子化学家,荷兰皇家科学院院士、埃因霍温技术大学教授、功能有机材料与器件系主任。广东省超液晶智能材料创新威尼斯网址平台首页团队带头人;具有40余年液晶高分子及显示技术研发及产业化经验,是平板显示液晶材料领域的奠基人和领跑者;现任世界最大液晶材料公司Merck资深技术顾问,曾任飞利浦研究院液晶高分子材料研发负责人、高级院士、高级副总裁。截至目前,Broer院士在聚合物结构以及液晶态聚合物研究领域作出了诸多开创性的贡献,已获国际发明专利158项(美国授权专利110项),发表高水平学术论文219篇(其中《nature》及其子刊6篇)。Broer院士是超液晶高分子智能材料的原创发明人和主要技术推动者之一,基于其突出贡献,Broer院士获得了系列重要奖项,包括荷兰皇家科学院杰出科学家奖(Gilles Holst Medal)应用化学与物理研究奖,荷兰高分子研究所DPI-P.L.Lemstra创新成就奖,飞利浦基团金牌奖和首届飞利浦唯一杰出科学家奖(Gilles Holst Medal)等。


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