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【学术报告】On semisimplicity of quantum cohomology of P1-orbifolds

时   2019-09-20  15:00-16:00


报告人:Hua-Zhong Ke (Sun Yat-sen University)


地   点:Room 1114, Sciences Building No. 1


Abstract: A conjecture of Dubrovin states that a smooth projective variety has semisimple quantum cohomology if and only if its bounded derived category of coherent sheaves admits a full exceptional collection. It is natural to consider this conjecture for orbifolds. We will verify Dubrovin,s conjecture for orbicurves. The key observation is that the big quantum cohomology of a P1-orbifold ρ is generically semisimple. We also show that the small quantum cohomology of ρ is generically iff ρ is Fano, i.e. it has positive orbifold Euler charcateristic.

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