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【学术报告】Nanocombinatorics: Multicomponent Multiplexed and Multifunctional Nanostructures

报告人: Prof. Vinayak P. Dravid

                 Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University


主持人:雷霆  特聘研究员


时  间:9月4日(周三)下午3:30 – 5:00


地  点:化学院A区A205会议室



The presentation will first cover strategies for nanopatterning and nanolithography, with an emphasis on localized synthesis of multicomponent and multiplexed nanostructures. The in-house developed dip-pen and analogous soft lithography schemes are being utilized for nanoparticle-based complex surface architectures that demonstrate exquisite control across many length-scales. Similarly, precursor-based nanopatterning approach is extended to demonstrate “nanocombinatoric” synthesis of multiplexed and multicomponent nanostructures, akin to “experimental materials genome”. Novel multicomponent nanostructures comprising wide range of composition across the Periodic Table are synthesized at the nanoscale, to explore their novel catalytic and functional behavior. Advanced scan probe, in-situ and ex-situ electron, ion and photon microscopy, 3D tomography, spectroscopy and synchrotron x-ray scattering approaches are being employed to fathom the most intricate details of the “microstructure” of nanostructures, coupled with innovative tools to validate their functional identity, localized and emergent properties. It will be argued that multifunctional nanostructures go beyond the “hype”, and present challenging yet exciting opportunities for synthesis-structure-architecture-form-function-performance relationships in complex materials systems.



Vinayak P. Dravid is Abraham Harris Chaired Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and the founding Director of Northwestern’s NUANCE (NU Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental) Center. He received his B.Tech. from IIT Bombay in 1984, and PhD from Lehigh University in 1990. He joined Northwestern soon after, and has been on the faculty of materials science & engg. ever since. Professor Dravid’s scholarly interests revolve around “imaging”, from atoms to animals and from arts to astronomy. He has a diverse research portfolio covering advanced microscopy, nanotechnology, technology strategy, energy policy and emerging educational paradigms. His Google analytics include: over 530+ archival journal publications, H-index of ~92, more than two dozen issued/pending patents. Some of his patents are licensed to start-up companies in nanotechnology, sensor/diagnostic systems.



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