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【学术报告】A Clay-like Structure for Capacitive Storage

报告人:Da-Wei Wang, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia









The use of porous electrode has been the most popular option for capacitive storage, simply because of the linear proportion between the capacitance and the electrode surface area. But is this true when the surface area is more often measured via non-electrochemical means? In recent years, it has been more widely recognized about the inconsistency between the gas adsorption method and the electrochemical processes in detecting the truly effective electrode areas.

Rather than struggling heavily to maximize the gas adsorption surface area, one should really look at what is demanded by the electrode processes, that is the ion accessibility. In this work, instead of creating ‘dry’ porous network for ion to access, we created ‘wet’ network with prescribed fluid as the ion conduction channels for ion to access.

Such a structure mimics the natural clays in terms of the fluid-in-solid nature. Given the non-porous nature, the ion access behavior is more suitable described as an intercalation mechanism. Though the philosophy of getting ions into ‘wet’ instead of ‘dry’ network seems straightforward, the artificial synthesis of such clay-like structure bearing both good ionic and electronic conductivity has been extremely challenging. In this talk, I’d like to share the discovery of a new layered material with intercalative fluid-in-solid heterostructure and their related capacitive behaviors. Their great potential in device applications will be highlighted as well.



Da-Wei Wang is currently an Associate Professor and a Scientia Fellow in School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney. His research interest spreads from the fundamentals of the chemistry and interface mechanisms of two-dimensional energy materials, to the development of advanced electrochemical energy devices, including supercapacitors, rechargeable batteries, and electrolysers. As a Chief Investigator, Da-Wei has attracted external funding (>8M A$) from competitive government schemes and industrial partners. Da-Wei has contributed 2 book chapters, >100 journal publications, 8 patents and over 20 keynote/invited presentations, which received >15,000 citations with an H-index of 45 (Google Scholar). Da-Wei has won some prestigious awards including the 2018 Clarivate Analytics HCR Awards, the Finalist of 2018 AMP Tomorrow Maker, and the 2013 Scopus Young Researcher Award in Engineering and Technology.

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