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报告人:王坚  教授 



主持人:雷霆  特聘研究员


时  间:8月2日(周五)下午2:00 - 3:30


地  点:化学院A区A205会议室



Electrochromic materials are able to change their bandgap by doping and de-doping chemical reactions. As the result, the electrochromic device could modulate the optical properties, such as transmittance, reflectance, absorptance, or emittance, under the action of an electrical voltage or current. Electrochromic film utilizes flexible light-weight plastic substrate, which could be directly integrated onto the glass, transferring the standard glass to smart glass. We use semiconducting polymer as the electrochromic layer and solid-state electrolyte. The optical properties of the semiconducting polymer can be easily adjusted by varying the molecular structure, which offers a choice of multicolors. The solid-state electrolyte avoids the problem of leakage commonly associated with liquid electrolytes, and provides high ion-conductivity to realize fast switching speed. All the functional materials are solution processable, which high throughput, low cost, scalable roll-to-roll manufacturing process can be employed to fabricate the electrochromic film, reducing the cost significantly. The application of electrochromic technology includes auto-dimming mirrors, displays, smart window, and sunroof. Among those, smart-window is of great importance due to its potential to reduce energy consumption.




王坚,本科毕业于威尼斯网址平台首页物理系,博士毕业于 University of California at Santa BarbaraUCSB),师从诺贝尔化学奖得主Alan J. Heeger教授。曾在美国多家高科技公司任职。2006年到2009年,任华南理工大学特聘教授,曾承担并顺利完成科技部、教育部多项项目,累计资助经费超过一千万元。发表SCI论文90余篇,申请美国专利30余项,已获13项授权。2015年,共同创立Furcifer公司,从事电致变色薄膜的开发与应用。



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